Great points in this short article. “An estate plan is the best love letter you can write to those you love.” Without one, “a court could end up deciding who takes care of your kids, state law determines who inherits your stuff, and the distribution may not be as you would want.” In terms of simplicity, “it is the attorney who does the work…they’ll guide you in identifying the questions you need to answer so a plan can be developed.” However, always seek professional guidance rather than drafting up a plan on an online platform. Get started now!


Has a myth about Estate Planning left you confused or kept you from starting?

The Estate Planning process captures your legacy by ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled while providing protection for your loved ones and assets.  However, many myths hinder the process and even prevent some people from getting started.  That is why we put together a helpful guide to address these myths and to provide you with insightful guidance.

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