The #4 money move, getting a prenup, is critical.  As the article states, “it might be a smart move, especially if you have a much higher net worth than your partner, own a business or property, or have kids from a previous relationship and want to make certain your assets will go to them.”  Moreover, a prenup can protect someone against a partner who is entering a marriage with a lot of debt. Although the perspective of a prenup is that a partner doesn’t have a high level of trust, the opposite is often true because all assets must be disclosed in order for the prenup to be valid.  This full disclosure works to create transparency in the relationship and can often lead to both parties playing a larger role in financial matters.

Has a myth about Estate Planning left you confused or kept you from starting?

The Estate Planning process captures your legacy by ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled while providing protection for your loved ones and assets.  However, many myths hinder the process and even prevent some people from getting started.  That is why we put together a helpful guide to address these myths and to provide you with insightful guidance.

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