The data according to shows that “a majority of people believe estate planning is important, but a low number of people actually have documents in place which likely indicates a lack of education and familiarity with the process.” Even more startling, according to the survey, is that “in 2017, almost half (42%) of all Americans said that they have a will or another type of estate planning document…but in 2020, less than one-third (32%) say they have one or more documents…a decrease of nearly 25% in just three years.” With the current pandemic, the 2020 numbers are likely to increase, but while the majority of respondents believe planning to be important, less and less are putting plans in place. Contact me today to become familiar with the process and to find out how affordable planning really is.

Has a myth about Estate Planning left you confused or kept you from starting?

The Estate Planning process captures your legacy by ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled while providing protection for your loved ones and assets.  However, many myths hinder the process and even prevent some people from getting started.  That is why we put together a helpful guide to address these myths and to provide you with insightful guidance.

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